Riccione the shopping town

No visit to Riccione is complete without a walk along Viale Ceccarini. The fulcrum of summer nightlife, this avenue is the modern heart of the town. If Riccione is the fashion capital of Romagna, Viale Ceccarini is its shopping precinct. Here, in fact, you will find the big designer stores, open all year round. The street is named after the American Maria Boorman Ceccarini, one of the greatest benefactors of the province of Rimini. Even after her husband’s death, Maria continued her philanthropic work by donating to the city the hospital, kindergarten and funds for numerous other public works. Viale Ceccarini stretches directly down to the sea, thus uniting the two great vocations of Riccione: the beach and shopping!

Riccione to be discovered

Riccione is one of the Italian resorts that boasts the largest number of amusement parks, for all ages and tastes. One of the most exciting places is Oltremare which, with its dolphin lagoon, has become famous all over Italy. The encounter with the animal world is not limited to cute dolphins. The park around the lagoon hosts a real farm, for the joy of the kiddies. Next to the Oltremare Park is the famous Aquafan, which, with over 3 kilometres of water slides, is one of the main family-format attractions.

Riccione to be discovered

But Riccione is not just shopping and fun. Riccione is also history and tradition. Those flocking to Riccione on holiday should visit the Agolanti Castle, which dates back to the mid-14th century. In 1600 it twice hosted Queen Christina of Sweden. Severely damaged by an earthquake of 1786, it was later rebuilt. Today it hosts numerous exhibitions and events.

Riccione old town, on the other hand, is the most popular heart of the city, and is located further inland, away from the sea. Riccione old town is a real village full of cafés, where events and village festivals are held all year round.

Among the things to see in Riccione is the Cicchetti Arboretum. It is a former nursery transformed into a multifunctional space with a greenhouse, a planetarium, a park and fair-trade shops and is home to several social cooperatives. The Arboretum often also hosts recreational and educational activities for children.

Finally, in Riccione it is possible to discover a real art-nouveau paradise with old residences dating back to the early 20th century.
Not to be missed are Villa Franceschi, which today houses the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, the magnificent Grand Hotel and the famous Villa Mussolini, which was purchased by Donna Rachele Mussolini in 1934 for her holidays in Riccione.

Riccione Spa

Perhaps not everyone knows this, but Riccione is also a spa town that traces its origins back to the Roman era. Its sulphurous waters flow from four springs and are rich in precious oligo-elements, suitable for treating various ailments.
The Spa facilities have recently been redeveloped and now offer a wide range of wellness itineraries, such as regenerating baths, treatments and massages.

Riccione's hinterland

In the immediate hinterland of Riccione is one of the most charming and enchanting towns in Romagna: Gradara has medieval origins and was the scene of the love story of Paolo and Francesca da Rimini, celebrated in Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy.
Its city walls are one of the best preserved in Italy and in summer the Siege of the Castle event is held, among the most exciting historical pageants in the area.
Only a few kilometres from Riccione are Montescudo and the Castle of Albereto, an enchanting village from where visitors can enjoy breathtaking views over the hills as far as the coast.